Manual Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements

JANX technicians receive both external and internal training in Manual Straight Beam Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement processes to make sure data acquisition and interpretation are thorough and accurate. This non-destructive testing (NDT) technique uses high-frequency sound energy to measure materials’ thickness and perform straight beam flaw detection. During testing, an ultrasonic beam is introduced into the test object, perpendicular to its surface, and the round-trip time is measured.

A wide range of industries rely on Manual Straight Beam Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement to maintain the integrity of their equipment and materials, including pipelines, refining equipment, and power facilities.


  • Cost-effective
  • Fast
  • Available at customer’s facilities and work sites
  • Penetrates wide range of coatings and composites
  • In compliance with industry codes and standards
  • Provides crucial, quantifiable information

Wherever You Need Us

Because we’re equipped to mobilize testing services across the United States, our customers can get their inspections done whenever and wherever they need them. That includes pipeline operators working in remote environments or extreme conditions. Our technology and more than 35 years of experience mean customers can rely on us for thorough, detailed, and rapid inspection results.

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