Pipeline Integrity 

Pipeline Integrity encompasses a number of activities surrounding the study of the structural and functional integrity of a pipeline system. This is to assure optimal operating conditions without compromising safety, the environment, or commerce over the desired lifetime of the pipeline and can be achieved through one or more of the following regulatory-approved approaches.

  • In Line Inspection (including ILI Verifications and Investigations)
  • Direct Assessment
  • Hydro Testing

JANX’s expansive suite of services is best suited for Direct Assessments (ECDA, ICDA, and SCCDA), ILI Verifications, and ILI Investigations.

Pipeline Integrity Inspection (PLI) Services Include:

JANX applies more than 30 years of experience, advanced technology, and a large, highly trained workforce to our oil and gas pipeline integrity services. As a result, we’re able to help operators ensure that their oil and gas pipelines are reliable and safe for people, property, and the environment.

JANX evaluates oil and gas pipeline integrity with a wide range of non-destructive testing (NDT) methods including:

  • Laser scanning & 3D modeling of corrosion and dents
  • Positive material identification (material analysis and identification) with Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) equipment
  • Guided wave examination
  • Manual, semi-automated, and automated ultrasonic testing
  • Automated Laser Profilometry

Location Assurance

This is the process of verifying that the excavation occurs in the correct section of the pipeline. Because we’re equipped to mobilize testing services across the United States, our customers can get their inspections done whenever and wherever they need them. That includes pipeline operators working in remote environments or extreme conditions. Our technology and more than 35 years of experience mean customers can rely on us for thorough, detailed, and rapid inspection results.

Inspection Verification

JANX plays a major role in supporting a pipeline operator’s Pipeline Integrity Management programs. This is done by collecting data from field excavations and comparing it to the baseline assessment carried out by a direct assessment program, in-line-inspection (ILI), soil models, etc., therefore qualifying the integrity assessment results.  This also provides the operators with field data required to examine the accuracy of the initial baseline assessment. This delivers the insight needed to remodel or revise the initial plan, incorporating any improvements required for optimal Integrity Management.

Environment Verification

JANX collects data such as soil resistivity, groundwater pH, cathodic potential, etc. from the excavation sites. This data helps qualify and refine the initial models used to quantify risk. This is crucial for preventive maintenance and for assessing the time-dependent vulnerability of the pipelines.

  • GPS location of the feature locations
  • Measurements with respect to known above-ground locations
  • Topographical data
  • Soil structure and composition
  • Groundwater pH
  • Electrolyte, corrosion product and deposits characteristics
  • Soil resistivity
  • Cathodic Potential
  • Depth of Cover
  • Collection of Samples such as soil, water, electrolyte
  • Presence of corrosion agents
  • Vintage Coating assessment

Pipe Inspection

JANX performs comprehensive inspections of all pipeline defects and properties utilizing current Industry NDE techniques and technologies.

Conventional Tools: Magnetic Particle, Ultrasonic thickness/shear wave, pit gauges, calipers.

Advanced tools: Ultrasonic Phased Array, Creaform 3D laser, Automated UT Thickness Mapping, Pulsed Eddy Current (Eddyfi Lyft), PMI (Sciaps LIBS & XRF), Surface Eddy Current Array Inspections (Eddyfi Spyne & Sharck), Hardness, Strength, Ductility Tool (HSD Tool MMT).

Repair QC

Once the necessary repairs are made to the anomalies found by inspection, JANX ensures the quality of such repair by providing the necessary NDE technique and/or CWI services. JANX also conducts grinding repairs on some anomalies such as Arc Strikes, gouges, and stress corrosion cracking.

Coating Inspection

JANX performs coating inspections on the re-coat with NACE certified technicians.

Assurance Reporting

Finally, JANX provides the operators with an Integrity Assurance Report, which is a detailed account of the data gathered by JANX from the field. These reports can be further reviewed by both the operators and the regulatory authorities. 

Pipeline Integrity Benefits

  • Provides necessary data for comprehensive integrity management plans

  • Helps protect people, environment, and property

  • Helps operators prevent costly pipeline failures and keep product moving

  • Accurate data

  • Available for operators and projects of all sizes

  • In compliance with industry codes and standards

Economic Impact

Pipeline incidents cost tens of millions of dollars every year. To avoid these incidents, Pipeline Operators spend large sums of money to keep their pipelines safe and efficient. Implementing a strong Integrity Assurance program can prevent pipeline damage and assist operators in targeting their investments more effectively. JANX data and inspections assist the operators in ensuring safe and reliable operation of their pipelines. Furthermore, detailed reports help establish compliance with all necessary regulations. The results from verification inspections assist the operators in focusing their PIM programs more accurately and efficiently, reducing the chances of wasting money on false calls or under calls. Thus, in more ways than one, JANX plays an important role in supporting a pipeline operator’s financial bottom line.

Social and Environmental Impact

Pipelines transport hazardous materials over long distances and under high pressure, making them potential hazards to people, property, and the environment. Even though the number of incidents attributed to pipelines is far less in comparison to other means of oil and gas transportation, the loss of property and damage to the environment caused by pipeline spills is significant. JANX helps reduce and mitigate potential risk by providing high quality information for operators to use when developing plans to assure the technical integrity of the pipelines. In this way, JANX has an important role to play in ensuring social and environmental well-being.

Economic Impact of JANX on PIM projects

Effective planning and management of the Integrity Assurance activities can achieve significant improvements in the overall productivity of the project. JANX, with its expansive suite of specialized tools and experienced workforce, helps control pipeline rehabilitation and integrity maintenance costs and reduce cost-growth and project slip. Utilization of tools such as Laserscan, AUT, TOFD, and Phased Array in the field, facilitates on-time completion of project deliverables with improved accuracy of data. This increases the overall efficiency and reliability of a PIM program and potentially reduces the effective cost.

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