NDT Gamma Ray Inspection & Weld Testing

JANX is highly qualified and experienced in conducting code-based non-destructive testing (NDT) with gamma radiography. We have the equipment and expertise to provide mobile NDT gamma radiography inspections and weld testing in a wide range of settings, from powerhouses, pipeline systems to structural steel construction and refinery tanks.

Gamma Radiography, a highly versatile inspection method, can also be used to provide useful information on the condition of artifacts, to locate structures beneath concrete, and many other applications where an image can give the answer to many unknown questions.

Our most widely used gamma radiography isotopes are Iridium-192, Enriched Iridium, Selenium-75, and Cobalt-60 isotopes: each has varying penetrating capabilities.


  • Mobile/portable
  • Proven technology
  • In compliance with industry codes and standards
  • Highly sensitive
  • Provides permanent record

There When You Need Us

Because we’re equipped to mobilize testing services across the United States, our customers can get their inspections done whenever and wherever they need them. That includes pipeline operators working in remote environments or extreme conditions. Our technology and more than 35 years of experience mean customers can rely on us for thorough, detailed, and rapid inspection results.

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Setting the Standard in Quality Assurance

Our internal Compliance Department ensures customers consistently receive an accurate, high-quality product.

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