NDT Computed Radiography & CR Image System

Computed Radiography (CR), an advanced radiographic technique, utilizes phosphor plates to capture an image of the component being inspected. CR requires exposing the imaging plate with radiation for a determined amount of time, depending on the part configuration, and processing the plate with a focused laser scanner that converts the image into visible light. The emitted light is then converted into electrical signals, which are digitized and displayed on a computer monitor.

We examine Computed Radiography images of completed butt welds and components to determine if they are acceptable based on applicable code acceptance criteria. We also evaluate images to locate materials, cracks, voids, and other internal components without the need for disassembly or destruction.

CR images can be stored permanently onto hard drives, and these images can also be sent or uploaded for remote viewing at any time in cases where additional opinions are needed.

We offer many solutions to suit client needs.

JANX currently uses the latest in Carestream™ CR image systems.

Value-driven by operational efficiency

  • Cost-efficient
    • No consumables such as chemicals, 100 percent digital process
    • No need for film storage space, all files stored electronically
    • Higher production rates per crew, fewer crews required
  • Quick cycle time
    • Lower radiation required to achieve image allows inspection to keep up with production
    • No film development time, saving valuable time to interpret results

Data Interpretation and Data Management

  • Scans accessible via the secure cloud or customer-specified database
    • Enables remote interpretation and auditing
    • Improves file management and archiving

Improved operational safety and reduced environmental impact

  • Reduced radiation required to achieve code-compliant images
  • Less radiation required also reduces radiation boundaries
  • Environment-friendly, no chemical waste management required

Wherever You Need Us

Because we’re equipped to mobilize testing services across the United States, our customers can get their inspections done whenever and wherever they need them. That includes pipeline operators working in remote environments or extreme conditions. Our technology and more than 35 years of experience mean customers can rely on us for thorough, detailed, and rapid inspection results.

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