Safety at JANX is more than a policy employees are required to follow.  Safety is a foundational belief that leads to controlling our attitudes, behaviors, and ultimately our actions.  Each of us has the power to be a leader and influence others to have good safety habits both on and off the job.  If you develop a safe attitude, you will start to exhibit safe behaviors which will control your actions in all areas of your life and reduce your chances of injury!

JANX is committed to eliminating all workplace injuries, illnesses, and environmental mishaps.  We believe all incidents, injuries, and workplace illnesses are preventable.  Our desire is for you to go home every day as healthy as you left.  Going for zero injuries/illnesses takes all of us to be committed to doing tasks safely all the time.

The JANX HSE Department works to reduce injury risk to employees and the environment through safety observations, Job Safety Analysis’s (JSA’s), Supervision Safety Observation Tour audits, tracking of safety metrics, committee meetings, employee safety recognition, vehicle inspections, HSE and Radiological professional audits, Hazard Communication to include maintaining Safety Data Sheets, Near-Miss and Good-Catch programs.  In addition, the HSE Department carries out the administration of the Drug and Alcohol Program and Worker’s Compensation for JANX.  

The HSE program complies with all applicable legislation, federal and state regulations, codes, policies and procedures, as well as additional customer requirements.